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Let’s start the year with good news!

During the Cartello Training Courses 2019, our dealer have tried themselves at a series of tests to verify what they had learnt on different levels. All the participants had to challenge each other and test their knowledge on very difficult theoretical subjects and practical tests regarding electrotechnology and the use of the oscilloscope.

All the dealers have shown to have a really high level of knowledge and such experience to assure a more than adequate assistance to Cartello‘s clients. Only one, however, has been able to triumph over the others, by proving to have uncommon competences and gaining the sought-after prize Cartello offered: it is the case of Daniele Stellati, from Cosmonautica Srl, in Montescudaio, Via Poggio Gagliardo 41, in the province of Pisa.

Daniele Stellati takes home a wonderful prize, worthy his abilities: Cartello has decided, as a matter of fact, to offer the winner and one partner he chooses, flight, accommodation and a ticket to take part in the  Boot Dusseldorf, taking place from the 18th to the 26th of January 2020. The lucky two, moreover, will have the opportunity of taking part in a dinner with the Yanmar team and follow the new Yanmar engines series launch conference!

Congratulations to Daniele Stellati and all the participants and…enjoy your trip!