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Domino 11 Gran Lusso


Domino is the best brand for those that do not want to settle for a compromise, but deeply live the sea experience, without give luxury and excellence away. Domino designs luxury ribs, to live the sea in its essence, to get where other boats will never go. Design is the core of Domino’s engineering and production philosophy. The result is safety and capability of becoming all in one with the owner. It is a product made of attention to details, giving Domino an unmistakable character and an excellent quality of building

Domino ribs’ main characteristics are the spacious and user-friendly living areas, for those loving cocktail parties on board. These are agile and really fast boats thanks to the augmented hydrodynamic lines. Nothing is inaccessible with Domino.

The quality of the strong, seawater-resistant and durable materials makes the difference between luxury small couches and sundecks easy to clean, always looking lively and new, and on the other hand, cushions constantly requiring care and easily deteriorating. The driver seat is cosy and sporty at the same time, allowing to keep an eye all the functions from the cockpit. For Domino, speed, agility and manoeuvrability can go hand in hand with comfort.