Cartello network offers assistance, consulting and sales services, always, everywhere in Italy.

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Cartello network is made up of a series of dealers, stores and assistance centres, that deal with Cartello products. The services offered goes from consulting, to the actual sale of the different brands officially distributed by Cartello, to all the services regarding the after sale assistance.

It is a strongly solid network present in the whole Italy, in order to allow whoever needs it to take advantage of the necessary services wherever he or she is. Cartello constantly trains and updates all the members, in order to assure high-quality professionalism and mainly a uniformity in the pricedures that simplifies interventions and interface with clients. 

Cartello network is made of people who have been working in the nautical field for years and who can boast an actual experience, developed in close contact with the product and the client himself/herself. Taking part every year, then, in Cartello training courses, they have the chance of, as well as keeping up-to-date, meeting, discussing and exchanging useful advice that only those working every day in contact with the product can know. 

The organisation and uniformity of the network makes it a Cartello branch, in franchising style, in the Italian territory.