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YANMAR has established a new company: Yanmar Marine International Asia (YMIA) to support growth of the company’s marine business.

The company will be responsible for the development and production of boats and marine equipment and plans to expand its activities to the development, production, sales and service of marine engines and propulsion units in the Asia region, including Japan. Under the management of Netherlands-based YANMAR Marine International (YMI), which operates globally including the leading European and North American markets, the company will work to realize growth in the global marine business.

In addition to the YANMAR Group’s marina and the flagship model X-Series Express Cruiser and other marine resources aimed at marine users, the Group is integrating next generation marine solutions such as sharing services, to increase user touchpoints and deliver rich marine experiences to more and more people.

This represents not just a geographic expansion for the company, but an expansion in the level of user experience,” said YANMAR Marine Business Executive Officer and YMI president, Taro Kitamura. “Based on our long history and experience in the marine business throughout Europe, North America, and middle markets, this will help us deliver superior marine solutions to more global customers to meet these times of rapid change.