You are currently viewing Coronavirsus emergency: Cartello is close to all the citizens

Carasco, 19 March 2020 – Cartello Srl is close to its customers and all the citizens facing the coronavirus emergency.

As known, the moment we are facing is really thorny, as never before. We find ourselves in a real situation of emergency, so that we are called to acts of responsibility and perseverance that will allow us to overcome the difficulties we are facing in the best way. For this reason, Cartello wants to express its closeness to its customers and to all the citizens of the hit areas: we are part of the community and stay by it in such a complicated and challenging moment.

The main aim in this moment it to protect our health and physical integrity. Consequently, we adopted in our company measures to safeguard the safety of all the personnel: we are still working, but complying with the indications given by the Italian government, we are employing where possible Smart Working modalities and shifts, as well as putting into practice all the measures needed to keep the workplace constantly sanitised.

Cartello, therefore, is still operating thanks to the work and sense of responsibility of all the employees and the network spread in the whole Italian territory, even if with the limitations imposed by the current government prescriptions. We are trying to keep close to all those following us with affection and to contribute to our country and each of us efforts actively taking part in the #istayhome campaign. It is possible, indeed, to find on our Facebook and Instagram social channels some sparks about activities you can do staying home for all the sea enthusiasts and for all those interested.

We thank our employees, collaborators, dealers and all the citizens for these days efforts, hoping to come back soon to our normal activities.