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If you have ever travelled to the South of France, it will be easy for you to understand what wonderful experience is Les Nauticales, the Boat Show in La Ciotat. The event is taking place from the 23 to the 31 of March 2019 and offers the opportunity to all visitors to see and actually test all the innovations introduced at the European winter shows, all this in the fabulous context of the French Riviera.

The offer is really various: from motor boats to inflatable rifts, through marine tourism and various institutions and associations. Among all, this year you will find us too for the first time, with our Hidea outboards.

Hidea engines are beeing showed at Blueshark.Group’s stand: the decision of participating is due to the will of creating awareness about this new brand in the whole Europe, not only in Italy, since it is a really efficient product, at a competitive price. We strongly believe that contemporary boat lovers are by now out of given schemes from the past and can completely identify with a new freer and without any constraint style, well represented by Hidea outboards.

Come and visit us!