You are currently viewing Cartello Srl introduces its new products the Genoa Boat Show 2018

We predict a really interesting Boat Show this year for Cartello Srl. The company with headquarters in Carasco, that deals with the trade of marine engines and that boasts a widespread distribution and assistance network in Italy, is getting ready for the year nautical event with many innovations.


4LV-Z series. The brans-new 4-cylinder engines 4LV series now coupled with the Yanmar ZT370 outdrives (more info here
3JH40. The smallest, most compact and lightest common rail on the market.
New diesel outboard engine Dtorque. Common rail 50 hp, 800 cm3, the Dtorque offers a surprising torque of 111 Nm at 2500 rpm, greater than that developed by the best gasoline outboards 70 hp at electrical injection. The innovative technology with double counter-rotating mast drastically reduces vibrations and noise, while the diesel common fuelling system assures extremely limited management consumptions and costs.


• CXO300. The revolutionary outboard diesel engine 8V common rail that provides 300 hp to the propeller and an impressing torque of 650 Nm with weights and dimensions comparable to those of an equal gasoline outboard. COX ridefines the concept of marine engine reaching the maximum quality without compromises, with an engine promising a duration three times longer than an equal gasoline engine.


Complete range of HIDEA outboard engines. 2 strokes, 4 strokes and the new EFI series at electrical injection. The range goes from 2.5 to 60 hp.
Package Magu+ Hidea engine. The brand-new boat Magu 5.50 + Hidea outboard 40/40SK. Very high qualitative standards at a certainly interesting price.


Domino 11 Gran Lusso. The brand-new Domino series, with the version Domino 11 Gran Lusso, a result of a decade-long experience and research of Italian designer and artisans specialised in the creation of high-quality inflatable rafts.

Thousands of news and products to discover for the enthusiasts, the experts of the sector and also for whom are new to the nautical world:” We are looking forward to hosting everyone will visit our exhibition area”, Gaia assures, “to show our new products potentialities and make our assistance network known”. Cartello Srl, sure enough, offers its clients high-level assistance: thanks to the technicians in the company and the co-operators on the field, the products acquire that added value making the difference.