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Do you already know the Hidea outboards with integrated battery? If yes, you must love them: they are a revolutionary innovation, that will make you see in a different way your experience on boat. Let’s go and find out more about them and understand why they are so advantageous.

In the range of the Hidea outboards, that are traded in Italy by Cartello, there are some models with integrated battery: the HDF8-IB, HDF9.9-IB, HDF15-IB and HDF20-IB, respectively 4-stroke with 8, 9.9, 15 e 20 Hp. They are unique engines on market (specifically the outboards with 15 hp and 20 hp), since they are characterised by a kind of electrical starter with battery inserted under the hood, with no electrical cables on board.

You understand advantages are various. Among all:

Space. There is no encumbrance on board, no room lost because of cables, switch, etc., so that even small boats or inflatable rifts can afford the luxury of the electrical starter.

Maintenance. Since the battery is integrated in the hood, the engine doesn’t need ongoing maintenance because of the electrical connection. Many nuisances avoided, so.

Comfort. The engine housing integrates the battery without the need of installing an external one, in order to make installation much easier and comfortable, within everybody’s grasps.

User-friendliness. The engine can be started with minimun effort. Forget the fatigue requested by manual starters. Stop to back pain and efforts with your arms. You can relax.

But it’s not all. The thing that these engines are equipped with a battery with lithium ions has important advantages, making the Hidea outboards with integrated battery a unique product.

First of all, the lthium ions battery is ultralight and compact. This allows the outboard to be really light and easily transportable. It is, then, a kind of much safer and quick to recharge battery. Thanks to the lithium ions, the battery of Hidea outboards has an almost missing self-discharge, resisting really well to the winter stop, it is not subject to the memory effect and has a really long duration. You don’t need to worry if winters are particularly freezing or summers too scorching: the battery works well also at extreme temperatures. Last but not least, they are green batteries, with really few pollutants and very easy to dispose of.

Do you already have an engine and want to turn it into one with the integrated battery? No problem! Cartello offers a kit for the aforementioned outboards, in order to take advantage of the charactersitics we mentioned.

A chance you cannot miss!