You are currently viewing The 12AY-WST: a nautical jewel

Cartello Srl recently completed the trade of one of the engines representing a real pride for the company: the Yanmar engine 12AY-WST.

Why is it so important to dedicate a news to it? Because it is a real jewel. Let’s go and explore its characteristics.

First of all, the engine has an elevated torque, allowing it to compete with engines with up to 50 ltr of displacement, although it is just 40 ltr. Since it is a Heavy Duty, the engine permits up to a maximum of 6000 hours of use, 10/12 hours per day of work at maximum performance, with 80% of the work at maximum performance out of the entirety of the work hours. Moreover, this kind of engine assures as well15.000 hours of motion before proceeding with maintenance works and 30.000 hours before needing a complete inspection.

All this gives particular advantages for those having a Yanmar 12AY-WST:

Accountability and longevity of the engine
• Reduced and programmable boat downtimes
• Powerful and long-lasting performance
Ease of maintenance, thanks to independent cylinder heads and side doors to inspect the engine
• Low fuel consumption.

Our engine will be used to equip a 26m fishing boat, operating in the area of Anzio (RM), equipped until today with another engine of ours. The old engine finally “retires”, after 15 years, although still perfectly functioning.

For more information about the engine, see the relative documents: Technical Sheet and Rating definition.