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Stefano Perticaroli recently entered Cartello network with his company, Motor Boat and Sail. A strongly desired choice from both parts, dictated by common interests and achieved thanks to a favourable occasion occurred when the former Master Dealer for Marche abandoned the activity of Yanmar engines supplier. Motor Boat and Sail has been working for years in the marine sector, not only in the Marche, but this is its first time with Yanmar engines. We spoke with the owner, Stefano Perticaroli, to know more about the company and the services it offers.

Tell us a bit about your reality. How was Motor Boat and Sail born and which is your core business?
Motor Motor Boat and Sail (MBS) is one of the society managed by Perticaroli’s family: Gabriele, a professional mechanic for 40 years and I, Stefano, who have been managing for 30 years the commercial side. MBS’s core business is the trade of engines, motor and sail boats and technical assistance with a specialised repair shop for restoration and maintenance. MBS also has a private jetty to host boats up 30 mt, in assistance.

What makes MBS different from other similar companies?
The nautical sector is characterised by many different activities, which are all complementary. MBS has a specific structure that allows it to supply all these services inside and outside Italy.

Where did the decision to enter Cartello network come from?
Yanmar supplies high-level products and services and any company that wants to raise the bar of quality should cooperate with Cartello and Yanmar. It seemed a natural solution, if you take into consideration the root we entered with our business.

Which are the advantages MBS will offer to clients in the region of Marche?
Certainly fast and professional assistance, as well as a replacement service with original spare parts, by setting clear and professional strategies as such a prestigious brand deserves.

You also created a true Academy. Tell us about it.
The “Nautica Manager Academy” is the only professional course in the world training future nautical managers. It was born two years ago from my idea of creating a network of professionals connected among them by means of a dedicated structure to speed all the processes of sale and services supply. In a really short time the Academy grew so much to require a dedicated team that is giving us a lot of satisfaction.

Which is your link with the territory?
My family is well known in the region and very well integrated. Gabriele and I are members of all the nautical associations and share many activities with them. Hence, our family is strongly rooted in the region of Marche.

How do you see the future of this market?
Economic cycles are cycle indeed and as the Professor Longoni from Bocconi University says, we are living an important growing phase that will last for many years. It is clear that there can be some deviations, but we are in a good moment, it is proved by all the nautical shows with a good trend. I can compare them every year by participating in those of Cannes, Genoa, Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale, Paris and Düsseldorf.

We wish Stefano a great success with his Academy and hope his cooperation with Cartello and Yanmar will be long and productive.