You are currently viewing A wonderful offer from Kent for the Cartello network
Offerta prodotti Kent per network Cartello

To be part of Cartello is convenient! Among the different advantages regarding assistance, ongoing training and approved procedures, we cannot forget the exclusive offers for all the members of the network.

Cartello, indeed, in partnership with Kent, has just launched a really advantageous offer dedicated to its network’s members. What is it? Let’s find out together!

It’s easy: if you are part of Cartello’s network, you just have to order a kit of Kent products, to receive for free the exclusive exhibitor together with other high-quality Kent products. The kit includes different Kent products and can be ordered by contacting the Kent area seller or calling the 800 011 780. As an alternative, for any information or to make the order, you can send an email to

It is possible to choose between a kit of six or 12 products: together with the kit you will receive for free in the first case six cleaning products and a sheet steel exhibitor, with two shelves; by ordering the second kit you will receive, instead, 12 products for free and a three-shelf exhibitor, to use in your garage. You can’t miss this chance!